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Research Article


Purpose: This study investigates the impact of social media advertising on customer behavior; specifically its impact on customer decision-making through social proof, customer perceptions of brands, and customer loyalty. No studies tackled this topic in Lebanon and this gap was the main motive behind this study.

Method: A quantitative deductive method was employed and a questionnaire was sent to Lebanese customers to achieve the objective of the study. The final sample obtained is 147.

Findings: The findings revealed a positive correlation between social media usage, customer decision-making, customer attitudes and perceptions toward brands, and customer loyalty. The study's findings emphasize the complexity of customer behavior in the age of social media.

Implications: This complexity underscores the need for multifaceted and holistic approaches to understanding and influencing customer choices.

Contributions: The study contributes to the literature on emerging trends in customer behavior driven by the digital landscape. It highlights the growing significance of social media as a channel for information, interaction, and influence, reaffirming the need for businesses to adapt and evolve their strategies accordingly.


Social Media, Customer Behavior, Customer Decision-making, Customer Perceptions of Brands, Customer Loyalty, Lebanon