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Resistance to change can be found in all organizations, but it is almost always an essential measure to be considered and analyzed in detail, so it will be relevant to demonstrate what are the main causes to resist the change during the implementation of a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in order to avoid it and find optimal solutions for it. We will be comparing our study to several previous studies that have been conducted in different countries such as Yemen and Malaysia. Our study roughly employs the same factors utilized in these previous studies. Our objective will also be to determine whether or not the results are similar to that in Lebanon. For our research, and in order to answer our research questions and test our hypothesis, we will use the following strategies and methodologies: quantitative, deductive, positivist, and using a survey of 100 respondents. This study will aid us in determining the main causes of user resistance to change which are lack of education and training. As a result, this will lead to an increase in usability issues, therefore pushing the users to double their efforts to control the system, and lowering their expectations towards the newly implemented ERP system. This research study was undertaken in Lebanon in approximately 10 different companies that have been using the same software. The ERP providers are limited in the Lebanese market and can be bilateral. The results in deducing that the problem might be originated from the provider’s side and the trainers who failed to transfer the information properly to users. Communication will be a key factor in ensuring employee satisfaction while using the newly implemented system. In addition, communication between manager and employees/trainers needs to be maintained. The communication between the management, workforce, provider and management, trainers and management, trainer and employees, are of an essential importance and can reduce the intensity of difficulties, complications and the resistance to change leading to reduction in costs and an increase in performance.


ERP System - User -Resistance to change - Job content - User Expectations - Increased efforts - Technology - User involvement - Development process.

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